Parties & Teambuilding

Event Space:

Rooftop Rental

  • Accommodates up to 100 people depending on seating/standing requirements
  • Full catering provided in-house for advance ordering
  • Private bar and toilet facilities located directly on the roof
  • Street parking available
  • Check out this blog post to see how others have used our rooftop

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Party Bookings

  • Games for kids and adults of all ages and language levels
  • Dedicated game master to show your group how to play
  • Reserve your favorite games for your special day
  • Food and drinks from our restaurant and bar
  • Reserve our VIP room for up to 10 adults, or the rooftop for up to 100

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Board games are a great way for groups to get to know each other better and build teamwork skills. We have a huge selection of both cooperative and competitive games that are great for strengthening teams in a non-threatening, relaxed environment.

  • Build bonds between members of your corporation, NGO, small business team or classroom
  • Identify important business skills in team members, such as problem-solving, leadership, listening and cooperation
  • Bridge the gap between English and Khmer-speaking team members by playing games that are not language dependent
  • Full instruction available in both English and Khmer
  • Reserve our VIP room for up to 10 adults, or the rooftop for up to 100

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Add Games to Your Event!

Want to make your event or meeting more fun and interactive? We can bring games to your event that will have everyone laughing.

  • We come to your location
  • We bring the games
  • Our staff shows everyone how to play
  • Games are great at breaking the ice and getting people talking and having fun
  • Make your event memorable and different from the rest

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